Helpful Links and Suggestions

How to write a Thesis?

Already at the beginning of a PhD the question comes up how a thesis is written and when to start with writing. The structuring of the results and the good scientific writing is often a problem which needs to be addressed as early as possible. The following links will provide you some examples and helpful suggestions, how to deal with this: How to Write a Thesis Proposal (by M. Stute, LDEO, USA) How to Write your Thesis (by M. Stute, LDEO, USA) How to Write a Thesis: A Working Guide (by R. Chandrasekhar, ARCME, Australia)

Extension of visa for non-European PhD students

As we all know finishing a doctoral thesis in 3 years is very difficult. If we are European citizens then we are generally ok, but students from non-European countries or regions like Asia sometimes have enormous visa issues. Some Information on applying for the unlimited work permit in Germany (compiled by an AWI PhD student)