Training programme

The graduate school POLMAR offers an educational training programme consisting of different types of courses, which are in general open to all interested PhD students. In case of overbooking, POLMAR members will be given preferential treatment. In order to finish the membership with a certificate, each POLMAR student has to attend a minimum number of courses at the AWI and/or at the cooperating institutions. Please read the information on the POLMAR credit point system. Please also inform your supervisors about course participations in advance.

Click here to get an overview of all scheduled POLMAR courses in 2020.

POLMAR Courses

For the doctoral qualification programme POLMAR offers courses in the following categories:

  • General modules – German language courses; statistic courses; scientific writing courses, lab courses
  • Introductory / advanced and interdisciplinary modules – Theoretical and practical skills within the main fields of research (biosciences, geosciences, climate sciences); interdisciplinary aspects of physical and chemical oceanography, pelagic and benthic biology, marine geosciences, climate, and socio-economic aspects of marine research; methodological fundamentals

    These expert courses will also involve national and international guest scientists as lecturers.

  • Transferable skills modules – Social and management skills such as conflict management, project management, third-party fundraising; transferable skill courses such as management of the PhD project and carreer planning
  • Expert talks
  • Expert courses

Additional training offers consist of:

More information on the educational programme of POLMAR can be found here.

Further education at AWI

There are also AWI courses on different topics. In case of vacancies you are welcome to sign up. If you are interested in attending one of the courses please contact Andrea Bleyer.