POLMAR credit point system

POLMAR aims to improve the qualification of the participating PhD students. In order to finish the membership with a certificate, each POLMAR member has to attend a minimum number of courses at the AWI and/or at the cooperating institutions. Courses offered by our cooperating institutions are equally open to POLMAR members and will be fully acknowledged. Please inform your colleagues about interesting courses offered elsewhere (e.g. transferable skills, expert courses).

All activities listed below (e.g. courses, summer schools, PhD conference) will be given credit points (CP). Within POLMAR we will adopt a simple CP system where one fulltime day course equals one CP.

To receive the POLMAR certificate, PhD students will have to acquire at least 30 CP (from the programme that is offered), which is equivalent to approx. 6 weeks within a three year PhD term. The selection of courses and additional training activities will be discussed within the PhD committees and should be a well-balanced combination of professional and transferable skill courses.

Credit points can be collected through different activities:

POLMAR Certificate

All POLMAR members who collected at least 30 credit points during their doctoral studies will be awarded a certificate of the graduate school. It will contain a list with all the educational units taken within the POLMAR programme.