Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How and when can I become a POLMAR student member?

The easy way to admission can be found here. Briefly, you simply need to complete the POLMAR application form and write a short letter of motivation.
Applications to become a POLMAR member are welcome at any time. POLMAR PhD scholarships are currently not available.

What duties do I have?

First of all:

  • enjoy your PhD project
  • get the best scientific and personal benefit out of the activities POLMAR offers and write convenient papers

In order to finish the graduate school successfully, a total of 30 credit points (CP) will be necessary after three years. We also ask you to be reliable and attend the courses you signed up for.

How can I collect credit points?

Credit points will be given for courses (scientific / transferable skills), workshop / summer school / etc. attendances, and participation in AWI PhD Days / AWI PhD Conference. Find more information here.

How do I get credits for activities attended at other institutions (e.g. courses, workshops, summer schools)?

Please carefully read through the document 'Information POLMAR Credit Point System' which can be downloaded here.

How can I register for a POLMAR course that I am interested in?

Please write a short note to info.polmar(at) indicating title and period of the course. If you want to register for more courses at once, please write one single email.
Please also notify your supervisor about course participations in advance. Ideally, you should discuss course participations during your half-yearly committee meetings in order to avoid misunderstandings about times of absence.

Will I get a certificate?

Yes, every member finishing successfully will get a certificate from the Helmholtz Association, including a list of your activities undertaken during your PhD time.