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The graduate school POLMAR provides a structured qualification programme for Ph.D. students at the Alfred Wegener Institute as supplement to their individual research work. More about POLMAR ...

Announcements / News

  • The Bremen Fireside Chats Marine and Climate Sciences

    Falls has come, the days are getting shorter and the evenings cooler. Maybe a good time to join a fireside chat! We would like to inspire you to get some (new) ideas and perspectives for your future career which, according to statistics, will most probably not lead into a (permanent) job in science. The Bremen Fireside Chats Marine and Climate Sciences aim to introduce a variety of different job perspectives for marine and climate scientists outside academia.
    For the first evening on 18 October, we invited Tim Schröder a freelance science journalist who, for example, writes the World Ocean Reviews which you might have heard of (see attachment).

  • Campus Preis: Forschen für nachhaltige Zukunft (research for sustainable future)

    Deadline for nomination: October 31, 2016 (nomination of candidates only possible by lecturers / professors of the University of Bremen)
  • 2017 SCOR Visiting Scholars Program

    Deadline for application: November 30, 2016
  • AWI Science Meeting 2016: December 8, 2016

    This multidisciplinary meeting at AWI is intended to bring together AWI scientists from all disciplines by addressing research questions answered by AWI PhD students during their graduate studies. The meeting will provide a unique platform to present your research topics to a large audience.

POLMAR research stays abroad

Full solar eclipse on the 20 March 2015 as seen from Adventdalen, Spitsbergen / Svalbard (Photo: Jaroslav Obu)

Family support by POLMAR

Polona Itkin (former POLMAR member) had been able to attend seminars and made business trips thanks to the POLMAR family support programme. There is no minimum age limit for becoming a marine scientist!

POLMAR alumni

Our former POLMAR members Nina Keul and Sven Kranz had gone to the US for a postdoc position. Meanwhile, Sven accepted an assistant professorship at Florida State University and Nina is back in Germany at the Institute of Geosciences at Kiel University.

Exploring Alaska (Valeria Selyuzhenok)

The research stay at the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) was one of the best parts of my PhD studies so far. With great support of the sea ice group at the Geophysical Institute, I made a good progress investigating the mechanisms of landfast ice development in the Laptev Sea. Apart from invaluable feedback and the scientific experience I got, I also had a great time exploring Alaska. All in all, I came back to Germany with new ideas, lots of motivation and inspiration to continue my work on sea ice.

With kith and kin to the UK (Juliane Wolter)

In summer 2014, I worked at the Long-Term Ecology Laboratory at the University of Oxford. The two month research stay was funded by a POLMAR Outgoing Scholarship, which also included financial support for childcare. Taking my daughters with me started as a necessity, but soon turned out to be beneficial for all of us. The experience of working in the highly inspiring working environment of Oxford University and living abroad with my family was excellent and I encourage all PhD students to use the great opportunity to apply for a POLMAR Outgoing Scholarship!